Africa is vastly endowed with scenic physical features, wild life, great climate and cultural diversity. Despite these magnificent truths, only a select few like Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and South Africa have benefited optimally from tourism in the entire continent (Tourism Data for Africa). The largely untapped tourism sector in Africa has been tainted by insecurity, poor road networks to the tourist destinations, substandard accommodation facilities and a deficient service.

Tourism can be a key sector for transformative and inclusive growth that African countries should harness (UNCTAD’s Economic Development in Africa Report 2017). Towards this end, ACLAIM specifically serves players in the sector through: outsourced financial management services; recruitment of integral, hospitable and hardworking staff for hotels and lodges; providing consultancy and training for organisations involved in wildlife conservation; rethinking business models for cultural groups; providing business skills training for locals selling arts, crafts and cultural apparel; among others.

Please refer to the various ACLAIM Capabilities for the services offered to the sector and to ACLAIM Insights for some of our lessons and experiences.