Strategic and Business Planning

Our Perspective

A common wise saying goes “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”- in other words, an organisation that does not devote adequate time and resources to plan, actually has one big plan in place – TO FAIL. Successful organisations assess their micro and macro environment and, on that basis, take decisions on how to succeed in achieving their objectives. Specifically, Strategic Planning helps an organisation to answer the following key questions:

♦  Who are we and why do we exist?

♦  Where are we coming from and how did we get here?

♦  Where are we now?

♦  Where are we going?

♦  How do we get there?

♦  How do we know whether we are on the right path?

♦  What could stop as from achieving our objectives and how to we mitigate that?

Strategic Planning helps an organisation to communicate its long term direction and purpose to stakeholders and enhances staff motivation on achievement of objectives. Further, it is used as a benchmark for measuring performance of an organisation with respect to its goals. Given the ever changing environmental factors that have an impact on an organisation, it is imperative to carry out annual Strategic Plan Reviews to ensure that the organisation is still on the right path.

Our Approach

ACLAIM Africa Limited, using our proprietary methodology, will facilitate your organisation to clearly define your goals and strategies and help you to establish measures and indicators to continuously track your bearings. ACLAIM Africa Limited not only recognizes the importance of well thought-out Content of the Strategic Plan but also ensures that the Process of developing one is well-structured and participatory to enhance stakeholder acceptance and implementation.